Machine advantages:

• Easy attendance and handling
• Wide usage field
• Impulse sealing (big energy saving)
• Integrated sealing wire tensioning unit
• Integrated safety cutting knife
• Appropriate for closing and producing pouches and bags
• Aluminium machine frame
• HALL sensor operation principle without mechanical switch
• Ergonomic design

360° turning Enlarging Gallery Video
Technical data:   

Sealing length:
Sealing width:   
Max. film width:   
Cutting length:
Dimensions of the machine:  
Dimensions of the packed machine:

420 mm                                                 
2,5 mm                                                 
400 mm                                 
400 mm                                 
230 V – 50/60 Hz  (a gépeket 115 V-os kivitelben is gyártjuk)   
200 W                                   
650 x 100 x 175 mm              
675 x 133 x 200 mm
kb. 4,5 kg


Maximum foil thickness:

PE - 200 micron                                           
PP - 200 micron                                           
BOPP - 100 micron                                           
PVC - 60 micron                                             

Double-coated foils should be checked separately in every case.  


Description of operation:

This desktop impulse sealer that can be operated very easily is an absolutely necessary help in every case, when there is something to be packed or order should be made on the shelves. The operation of the machine is very easy. You just simply connect is to a 230 V socket and you can start working. In working order the LED on the front side of the machine is yellow. Adjust the appropriate sealing time depending on the type of the foil between 1 and 10. Push down the sealing arm with your hand till the LED turns from yellow to red. The machine seals till the adjusted sealing time. The sealing is finished when the LED turns from red back to yellow. After this it is recommended to keep down the arm till one or two seconds (the result of this is that the foil can cool under pressure), and the sealing is ready. The unnecessary foil above the sealing welt can be eliminated with the integrated safety cutting knife easily and quickly.

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