Advantages of the machine:

• Easy attendance and handling
• Wide usage field
• Impulse sealing operated by foot pedal
• Integrated magnet
• Separately adjustable sealing and cooling time
• Electric control of sealing and cooling time
• Sealing and cooling time can be adjusted continuously
• The opening of the sealing bar is slowed down by gas spring
• Integrated sealing wire tensioning unit
• Integrated safety cutting knife
• Adjustable working table
• Appropriate for closing and producing pouches and bags
• Ergonomic design

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Technical data:   

Sealing length:
Sealing width:   
Max. film width:   
Cutting length:
Dimensions of the machine:

1020 mm
2 x 5 mm
1020 mm   
1020 mm
230 V – 50/60 Hz
1200 W
1220 x 850 x 1100mm
48 kg

(size and weight data given for the complete machine)

Maximum foil thickness:

PE - 500 micron
PP - 200 micron
BOPP - 160 micron
PVC - 100 micron
Double-coated foils should be checked separately in every case.

Description of operation:

The SD – type impulse sealers have two sealing wires. The sealing wires are located next to each other parallel. The width of them is 5 mm. When it is needed, one of the sealing wires can be switched off separately. The safety knife is running between the two sealing wires.
Attention! When you use the two parallel sealing wires, the machine is ideal for the safe closing of pouches or bags, e.g. for powders or liquids. When you produce pouches or bags, only one sealing wire should be used.

The operation of the machine is very easy. The sealing bar can be closed by foot pedal or by hand. The sealing bar stays closed till the sealing and cooling time which was adjusted earlier, and then after the sealing is ready, the sealing bar opens automatically. Thanks to the fact that the sealing and cooling time can be adjusted separately, the sealing welt is very strong and resistant. The sealing done under big pressure makes it possible that even crinkled materials can be closed safely and smoothly. The unnecessary foil above the sealing welt can be eliminated with the integrated safety cutting knife easily and quickly.

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